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Newsletters - February 2024

The February 2024 newsletter gives an overview of the Fund's operations in the first quarter of the year. Download Newsletters...


2023 Gemhealth AGM Booklet

2023 AGM Booklet Herewith kindly find the AGM Booklet for 2023 Download the 2023 AGM Booklet

About GEMHEALTH Medical Aid Scheme

The GEMHEALTH Medical Aid Scheme is a non-profit, closed medical aid scheme established in terms of the Medical Aid Funds Act no.23 of 1995, registration no.0014 in compliance with conditions for good corporate governance as set by the regulator of non-banking financial institutions NAMFISA.

(Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority). The scheme comprises of members and continuation members of the Namdeb Group of Companies, namely Namdeb, Debmarine and NDTC. Only employees and continuation members of the three participating companies are eligible to join or remain as members of the scheme.

The Scheme belongs to its members and is managed by a Board of Trustees. The aim of the Board of Trustees is to provide high quality, cost effective medical aid fund to all members. The Board of Trustees is representative of all participating employers of the scheme. The board of trustees is the final decision-making authority of the fund and ensures good corporate governance.


welness "Wellness," in essence, covers all areas of health: mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual & relationship.

Mediscor PBM

mediscorMediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. Readmore