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2022 Gemhealth AGM Booklet

2022 AGM Booklet Herewith kindly find the AGM Booklet for 2022 Download the 2022 AGM Booklet


Newsletters - December 2023

The December 2022 newsletter gives an overview of the Fund's operations in the last quarter of the year. Read More...

AGM Booklet 2022

The 2022 AGM Booklet is available for download.

Download the 2022 AGM Booklet



The Namdeb Medical Aid Scheme is administered by Prosperity Health Namibia, the only 100% Namibian owned and multiple medical aid fund administrators. The company is an accredited administrator in terms of the Medical Aid Schemes Act no. 23 of 1995. Its responsibilities are, amongst other, to collect contributions, to process member’s claims, to ensure that member’s data is kept up to date and to provide client service, health support to members and other administrative services.

Ms. L Chimana
Prosperity Administrator

Visit: www.prosperityhealth.com


welness "Wellness," in essence, covers all areas of health: mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual & relationship.

Mediscor PBM

mediscorMediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. Readmore