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2022 Gemhealth AGM Booklet

2022 AGM Booklet Herewith kindly find the AGM Booklet for 2022 Download the 2022 AGM Booklet


Newsletters - December 2023

The December 2022 newsletter gives an overview of the Fund's operations in the last quarter of the year. Read More...

AGM Booklet 2022

The 2022 AGM Booklet is available for download.

Download the 2022 AGM Booklet


Board of Trustees

Mr. Heinrich Nashenda

Mr. Callie Schäfer
Principal Officer

Ms. Olivia Mae Oliver
Board Member

Mr. Moses Iinane
Board Member

Mr. Silvanus Nekundi
Board Member

Mr. Anthony Phillips
Board Member



Mr. Desley Somseb
Board Member



Mr. Josua Dumeni
Board Member


Ms. Rachel Kalipi
Board Member


Mr. Petrus Matthews
Board Member



Ms. Lucille Otto
Board Member


Ms. Wollen Nel
Board Member



Mr. Daniel Ockhuizen
Board Member






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Mediscor PBM

mediscorMediscor is a South African pharmaceutical benefits management (PBM) organisation. Readmore